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Senior Software Engineer, based in New York, at a fast-growing healthcare startup, preferably series C or D stage. Ideally in women's healthcare.

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I'm raving about Openrole. I have two written offers from jobs that Openrole recommended, that I would not have found using other platforms like LinkedIn. I highly recommend it!

Sarah H.

Senior Scientist

I’m so heads down I don’t have time to keep track of new jobs / what I should be doing to stay competitive. Openrole is an absolute no-brainer for me.

Ruby M.

Director of Engineering

I stopped doom scrolling LinkedIn. Jobs came to me that matched my skills and level that I was excited about.

Joseph H.

Senior Data Scientist

I feel very fortunate to have found a new job so soon and Openrole played a big part in that.

Ayinde A.

Data Analyst

I feel like Openrole really understands what I'm looking for. Getting the exact jobs I'm interested in every week has made life so much easier.

Mary F.

Director of Product

Openrole been absolutely amazing! Saving me a lot of time thanks to these recommendations.

Dustin D.

Software Engineer
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